Celebration is in (the) order...

I just placed my very first purchase on my very own business-centric credit card, of fabric with my very own design printed on it for my Blueprint Show!! Small successes, but they get me a few steps closer to actually seeing my “booth” come together. Once I have my banners printed, I plan on setting the whole thing up in my living room, just so I can see before the show how things will look.

I haven’t gone into detail about my set up, so it might be hard to piece together what I’m describing. Basically, I bought enough space at the show for one 6ft table with 2 banner stands to go behind it. There will be 3 chairs at the table, and all my printed materials either on the table, or maybe in boxes on the floor behind me if things start to look messy.

I mocked this up in Illustrator to get an idea of how I want to present myself on-site. If it actually came out this clean, I’d be really excited.

That’s me lookin’ all business-like lol

That’s me lookin’ all business-like lol

I’d love any and all feedback, especially from experienced trade show-goers.