Sip & Script

Wow, a month +. Is that how long people usually wait to blog-post? We’ve even made it through the Christmas season, and I don’t have anything prepared for that (shrug emoji).

A couple weeks ago, my coworker Sara and I attended an after-work event called Sip & Script. It was really, really, really fun. The name says it all - you sip on wine or beer, and learn calligraphy. Hosted by Molly Petroski of Molly Grace Makes, we casually learned the basics of using a calligraphic pen with sumi ink to produce beautiful, albeit shaky, pen strokes.

Stroke! Stroke!

Stroke! Stroke!

Obviously I, and everyone around me including Sara, got better as the class went on - despite the booze! But I think the thing I loved most was the social aspect of the class. I was at a table with two lovely women in their 50’s, cousins-in-law to each other, who I probably wouldn’t have had the chance to chat with in a typical setting in Boston these days. You know, people are busy with their gadgets and their commute, and what not.


Calligraphy has always intrigued me, but this was the first time I’d ever bitten the bullet and shelled out some coin to learn it. I’m so glad I did. Script is becoming a lost art form - nay - skill in school districts around the country, which saddens me. I intend to practice, get better, include my husband (who luckily seems interested), and I can’t sign off without mentioning Molly - amazing teacher!! Very patient, very real, so much fun. In any event, learn a new skill, no matter the subject. And whatever you do…