Chasing paper work

Tonight I requested information and contract paperwork to show at Blueprint next May. Even just doing that has got my blood pumping and my nerves rattled. It means I have to get really serious, really quick.

The more research I do, the more I’m finding that doing a physical trade show is still a must, even in our ever-growing digital landscape. A lot of designers I admire talk about their experiences with showing at events like this one in their blogs and the follow up that has to come after the experience. The takeaways just seem so invaluable, once in a lifetime kinda stuff. I want so badly to experience it, to get myself out there, meeting other designers and making contacts. Dare I say, even if it doesn’t lead to sales…at least I will have had the experience and most importantly, I will have tried my best at an event that I feel passionately about.

I originally wanted to show at Surtex, but realized too late that the show was happening in February, and that simply does not give me enough time to get my shit together. Oh, I swear a little here and there, hope it’s not offensive.

Anyway, once I have the paperwork all wrapped up and sent in, I’ll get back to everyone with details and updates about the process. I think it benefits everyone to know the ins and outs of this particular journey so it can be of some help to industry newbies down the road.

Stay tuned!