What's my niche again...

Oh yeah, I also do a little painting…

Oh yeah, I also do a little painting…

Hi, all

Is it weird to start every post with a greeting? I see people jumping right in to their thoughts these days. I dunno. And I guess that’s my point with this second entry, I just don’t know. How the heck do you grow a successful blog? Do people even read these things any more, or is it all about the pix?

The original reason I wanted to start this blog (second post may be a charm here, my first entry was purely a crime of passion) was because I was hoping that my readers would find my journey to trying to fulfill my dream interesting, relatable, and inspiring. I still hope for those things, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that I need to document for myself. I want to measure my success this way, hold myself accountable. So many times in my life I’ve said “i”m going to work on my dreams today” or “I’ve always wanted to, but I’m too scared of failing” ….or even too scared of success.

Today I’m using my blog to define my dream and go for it.

I have always, always, always wanted to be a full-time surface pattern designer.

In what capacity? I don’t know. I’m still learning. I don’t know what avenue to take, or where exactly to end up that makes the most sense for me. I see a brilliant artist killin’ it on Etsy and say “that’s what I want!”. But then I see other artists with beautiful pieces selling like hot cakes on their own websites and say “No wait, that’s what I want!”. And then again, I’ll see amazing artists with their work being licensed through agents for wholesale and I’m like - yeah, you get it.

I would love to see my illustrations or patterns selling in Anthropologie or Crate+Barrel. I’d love for an agent to pick up my work and sell the crap out of it to people who are dying to get their hands on it. Like my idol Anna Rifle Bond I dream of dipping my all my toes into all the waters (that’s a saying, yes it is) and retaining control. Like my other idol Libby Vanderploeg who created my favorite Gif of all time. Like so many other beautiful, inspiring, creative women, I long to have my little slice of artistic success that I’ve measured, and no one else.

So I’d love for you to stick with me, maybe cheer me on as I figure out how to define my style and carry it through to the end. Whatever “the end” is, I was never good at concluding paragraphs.

Today I begin (technically yesterday, but) - with you. Let’s go!