drawing from the past.

About this site

There’s something very enticing to me about Colonial American past. We can only know so much from documentation and relics, but after that, we’re left to our imaginations and observations of our surroundings. I’ve always wanted to know more about how people lived day to day back then. That’s why I love that I ended up in New England. Old stone walls still line the roads and forests, antique houses still make up quaint town squares and charming country lanes.

And as luck (plus a good bit of hard work) would have it, my husband and I were able to capture a tiny piece of history for ourselves - a true, pre-revolutionary Colonial farmhouse on the main street of Sharon, Massachusetts.

This website was developed to showcase various surface pattern designs mostly celebrating bucolic New England and the natural elements surrounding the Hixson Homestead, a pre-revolutionary farmhouse on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

All artwork available for license and purchase.



getting to know me.

About Rachel

When I was getting ready to graduate high school many years ago, people would ask me what I wanted do. My answer? I wanted to make wrapping paper! Mostly, people gave me a sideways glance, and sometimes I got a chuckle. But I knew someone was out there doing it, so why couldn’t I?


Rachel Enders is a full time Art Director and seasoned graphic artist with a life-long passion for illustration. Her breadth of experience spans multiple disciplines including photography direction, package design, branding, custom illustration, and copywriting.

Her latest venture into surface pattern design is bringing her back to her roots. Paired with a love for nature’s organic forms and textures, her works marry imagery from the pre-revolutionary history and bountiful plant-life surrounding The Hixson Homestead, (her ca. 1748 New England Colonial farmhouse) with elements of surprise born of a modern color palette.

Rachel lives for the beach, enjoys weird comedies, and David Lynch movies. You can (try to) find her taking nature hikes with her husband Demian, enjoying some beers with besties at a local brewery, or relaxing at the family cottage in The Thousand Islands (it’s not just a salad dressing).

Rachel lives just outside Boston, Massachusetts with her husband and two outdoorsy cats, Zorro and Andy.